What makes us unique?

How we differ from any other Plastic Surgeon in Connecticut...

Best Plastic Surgeon Specializing in Cosmetic Non-Surgical Facial & Body Rejuvenation in Fairfield

Welcome to the world of aesthetic transformation where Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal’s passion is to create a rejuvenation plan which is individualized and distinctive for each of his patients.

This dedication to personalized care means taking the time to listen to your story and understanding your specific needs, which ...

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A Unique Approach to Your Aesthetic Transformation

Why would a well-trained Plastic Surgeon expand his practice and specialize in non-surgical face and body rejuvenation?

Simply stated, his patients desired a new path to look radiant without the prolonged healing time and potential, but small, risks of surgery.

Dr. Rosenthal has created a vast array of procedures ...

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Unlocking Your Natural Beauty with Our Procedures

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal is dedicated to enhancing your appearance while leaving you looking refreshed and revitalized.

Your real beauty emanates from within, Dr. Rosenthal works with you to showcase your true self.

Those who are self-conscious or concerned with the march of time often become less outgoing. Cosmetic ...

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Exceptional Patient Care: Guiding You with Confidence at Dr. Rosenthal's Office

Office Coordinators
Dr. Rosenthal’s inviting office staff is a superb extension of his commitment to making each experience unique and worthwhile. 
They work as a close-knit team to ensure every patient’s initial communication and subsequent procedure goes smoothly. 
You will feel welcome to be with us and ...
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