Exceptional Patient Care: Guiding You with Confidence at Dr. Rosenthal's Office

Office Coordinators
Dr. Rosenthal’s inviting office staff is a superb extension of his commitment to making each experience unique and worthwhile. 
They work as a close-knit team to ensure every patient’s initial communication and subsequent procedure goes smoothly. 
You will feel welcome to be with us and immediately sense that you are in good hands.
When you offer your trust and confidence in us by becoming a member of our family of patients, we not only take this very seriously but know that we need to continuously earn your trust.
Our office coordinators are well practiced in assisting you from your first meeting to the day you smile widely at your appearance. They enjoy answering your questions with a cheerful and knowledgeable voice. Their warm personalities will create an inviting and comforting environment.
Our Office At Dr. Rosenthal’s office outstanding patient care is a top priority. Above all, we want you to feel “satisfied”, delighted and excited about your upcoming procedure(s).
Our friendly staff will exceed your expectations and provide you with a seamless experience that is worry free and enriching. Rest assured, you will be guided through every phase of your treatment by Dr. Rosenthal and his supportive staff. “Taking exceptional care of you is what we do!”
Visit Our Office Dr. Rosenthal’s office in Fairfield engenders a feeling of warmth and serenity. Designed by him, his office showcases his own artwork, paintings and sculptures, which further attest to the balance of science, creativity and beauty that is the hallmark of who he is and how he transforms his patients.


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