A Unique Approach to Your Aesthetic Transformation

Why would a well-trained Plastic Surgeon expand his practice and specialize in non-surgical face and body rejuvenation?

Simply stated, his patients desired a new path to look radiant without the prolonged healing time and potential, but small, risks of surgery.

Dr. Rosenthal has created a vast array of procedures to fulfill the needs and desires of his patients.

At the heart of these rejuvenating procedures is the Endolift Laser, Eufoton, which is used throughout Europe and has been brought to Connecticut by him.

Using creativity and an extensive training background, as a Plastic Surgeon, allows Dr. Rosenthal to combine many procedures, each of which will enhance and benefit the end result of the other.

Combining PDO Threads, Miracu and Mint, with the Endolift Laser, a host of facial fillers and Xeomin or Botox, that Dr. Rosenthal has carefully chosen as the best, allows for an unparalleled revitalizing experience in his hands.

An extraordinary benefit of seeking advice from Dr. Rosenthal is that his training allows for him to discern when selective Plastic Surgical procedures are necessary.

With this in mind, he selects the optimal procedure(s) and devises surgeries combined with non-surgical maneuvers to enhance and reshape the face and body that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Dr. Rosenthal’s practice is so distinctive due this blending of art and science, allowing for a truly unique and personalized experience.

The answer for choosing Dr. Rosenthal is that he is there for you and offers considerable energy and time to benefit you.


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