Xeomin & Botox

Xeomin & Botox

Xeomin & Botox

Xeomin & Botox treatments involves meticulous design and precise injections to target over or under-active muscles of the forehead and neck.  

What is Xeomin & Botox Therapy?

  • Xeomin & Botox are a purified toxin used to soften facial lines and wrinkles by diminishing the facial muscle movements
  • They act upon the forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines
  • Using a very thin needle the Xeomin or Botox are injected into the outer muscles to lessen the lines, wrinkles and muscle bugle

The large forehead muscles create the horizontal lines and pull against the eyebrow and lid muscles. A tug of war between the muscles of the face is ongoing and leaves the face in a constant state of tension and imbalance. 

Dr. Rosenthal has developed personalized techniques to afford you a beautifully relaxed appearance, so you can look your best and still animate. Additionally, micro-injections of these products improve skin irregularities and deliver a smooth, luxurious skin quality to your forehead
& neck by shrinking pores and oil glands.

Selective placement of either Xeomin & Botox along with using micro-injections balances the uneven brows, diminishes muscle bulging between the eyebrows & smooths out wrinkles which assists in improving the quality & appearance of the skin.

Micro-injections are tailored to the neck area to create a radiant look. I design a pattern onto your neck and carefully inject minute quantities of Xeomin or Botox into the upper layers of the skin.

The magic lies in the way these tiny blebs or micro-bubbles of Xeomin or Botox work to shrink down pores and address skin imperfections. By precisely targeting the skin, we achieve exceptional results in smoothing and rejuvenating the quality of your neck.

Micro-Xeomin & Micro-Botox offer a non-invasive and highly effective solution for neck rejuvenation. The treatment is perfect for those seeking to enhance the appearance of their neck. My desire is to create natural-looking results that leave your skin smoother, revitalized, and youthful.

Benefits of Xeomin & Botox

  • natural appearance
  • Balanced Brows & attractive face
  • Restores harmony to muscles
  • No frozen appearance
  • Sparkling eyes & a smoother forehead
  • Textural improvement of the neck skin
  • Refreshed appearance

Don't let low lying or uneven eyebrows or forehead and neck lines and wrinkles hold you back from looking your best. 

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Discover the power of Xeomin & Botox.

Dr. Rosenthal will fashion a treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and reveal a more beautiful you!


“Have to share my unbelievably great experience getting Botox with Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal in Fairfield, CT. If you have been thinking about it and hesitant, don’t be. I don’t know any other surgeon who would spend at least 40 minutes on Botox injections. It is not just your forehead, and that space between your brows, its balancing your brows to match, and on the side of your eyes.

In other words, perfection. You look relaxed and you look refreshed. I believe because he is an accomplished artist as well as a fabulous doctor, the results are 5 star. I am so glad I had opportunity to do. Trust him totally with every service he performs”.


“Thank you so much for your superb work. My Xeomin looks natural – the one thing I was so afraid of. I feel like a new person!”


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