Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift

As we age, the natural support structures of our face—fat, bone, and muscle—gradually diminish, leading to the loss of structural integrity and the appearance of unwanted wrinkles. 

This alteration in skin and fat can even contribute to a tired or downcast look. 

Key facial features, such as cheeks, temples, jawline, lips, and under eyes, also experience volume loss over time, adding to the signs of aging.

The Liquid Facelift tackles these concerns head-on by Dr. Rosenthal skillfully injecting specialized dermal fillers and other products to lift, fill, and contour the face. 

The results are immediately visible, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a quick yet impressive transformation with minimal downtime.

What Results Can I Expect?

The results are amazing if you consider the entire procedure uses liquid fillers and Xeomin through tiny pin holes without surgical scars.

  • Flattened and sagging cheeks are uplifted
  • Jowls are smoothed
  • Jawline is enhanced
  • Brows are lifted & balanced
  • Loose neck skin & hanging neck muscles are measurably improved
  • Refreshed & Invigorated “natural” appearance is the goal of facial rejuvenation

One of the greatest advantages of this non-surgical approach is its accessibility and convenience. With no need for incisions or anesthesia, you can achieve a revitalized appearance without the potential risks and recovery associated with traditional facelift surgery.

To sculpt your personalized Liquid Facelift, I take into account your unique facial features, focusing on the areas that need attention the most to bring about balance and harmony to your face. 

Whether you desire smoother skin, enhanced cheek volume, an improved jawline or rejuvenated lips and under eyes, I am here to provide you with a natural-looking, refreshed outcome that is not overdone.

If you desire to reclaim your youthful allure and radiate with confidence, the Liquid Facelift is the ideal non-surgical solution for you. This is truly a transformative journey.

Dr. Rosenthal's expertise along with his artistic touch will bring out the best version of yourself.

Please call 203-335-3223 for an personalized consultation for a design a plan that will revitalize and refresh your appearance. 


“My face had fallen. I disliked the lines and creases around my mouth. Where did my check go? You did it, Dr. Rosenthal. Seeing is believing. Youth in a bottle coupled your hands. Many thanks.”


“I want to thank you for the beauty of your talent, your kindness, caring and generosity of gifting me with your artistry. Thank you as well for your patience and for all the explanations. May your benevolent, big-hearted ‘giving’ be returned to you a thousand fold.”


“Imagine the Rosenthal Liquid Facelift really lifted, smoothed and filled my face. I walked out of Dr. Rosenthal’s office and looked like me but only a 1000 times better.” “I thought I need a facelift did not have the time to have it. The Rosenthal Liquid Facelift is my savior.”



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