Dr. Jeffrey S. Rosenthal

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rosenthal’s guiding touch assists in unveiling your flawless natural beauty. In private practice since 1985, he is recognized as a prominent Plastic Surgeon.

To meet his patients distinctive needs, he has personally devised and refined cosmetic techniques for non-surgical and surgical rejuvenation.

Surgical precision through extensive training as a Plastic Surgeon along with the vision of an International Artist, allows for an advanced understanding of facial form, contour and structure. This translates into rejuvenating results that afford his patients a refreshed and natural appearance.

This rare combination of Plastic Surgeon and Artist enables Dr. Rosenthal to achieve exceptional results which brings broad smiles to his patents.

Dr. Rosenthal will take as much time as necessary to listen to your story, carefully evaluate and choose procedures that are ideally suited to your needs.

His thoughtful and caring manner along with his dedication sets him apart from other practices. He will never rush through your care, as he views his cosmetic procedures as an opportunity for creative expression ensuring patient satisfaction.

Over the years, he has earned recognition as the "Best Plastic Surgeon in Fairfield County" multiple times and have been honored as a Top Plastic Surgeon in Connecticut and America. His true passion lies in caring for each patient and honoring the trust they have for him.

Please call to schedule an in-depth consultation with Dr. Rosenthal which will commence your journey to unlock your natural beauty.

Experience the transformative and revitalizing artistry that awaits you.

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