The ears are like flowers, each possessing its own unique beauty. 

Positioned on the sides of our head, they gently protrude with gentle curves and valleys that form their unique topography. 

However, when the ears excessively protrude from the head or exhibit flat or misshapen features, they can cause tremendous anxiety. 

Individuals, of all ages, with such concerns may resort to wearing hats or concealing their ears with long hair.

Dr. Rosenthal has developed ear reshaping procedures that fuse his extensive plastic surgical skills with his artistic abilities. 

While some surgeons may simply pin the ears back, Dr. Rosenthal's approach goes beyond mere adjustments. 

He delicately sculpts the ear cartilage, creating natural-looking ears that harmoniously complement your facial features. 

It is truly a work of art to reshape the delicate contours of the ear and prevent them from protruding from the sides of the head. There can only be relative symmetry between the ears.

Producing a perfect match is impossible as both ears are totally different. But we only see one ear at a time; so they need only to resemble each other.

Our goal is not just to enhance your appearance, but to instill in you a renewed sense of confidence and self-assurance.


  • Reshape & sculpt irregularities of the ear(s)
  • Reposition the ears closer to the scalp
  • Create natural curves
  • Improve self-esteem

An Otoplasty produces a positive psychological boost as protruding ears affect the well-being of each individual with this issue. 

Dr. Rosenthal takes great care in ensuring that your ear reshaping journey is personalized to meet your unique needs and desires. From the initial consultation to the final result, your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are paramount.

If you find yourself seeking to transform your ears and unlock a newfound sense of beauty and confidence

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Explore the possibilities of ear reshaping beautiful and natural-looking ears.


“I could never thank you enough for everything you have done for my son these past two years.”

“I always wore a hat to cover my ears. Now I wear my hair up and show them off.”

“An otoplasty changed my child’s life. She was reclusive and withdrawn. Now she is having fun with her friends and no longer embarrassed.”


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