Achieving Youthful Contours: With PDO Threads, Endolift Laser, Fillers & Xeomin/Botox to Achieve Facial & Hand  Rejuvenation

Achieving Youthful Contours: With PDO Threads, Endolift Laser, Fillers & Xeomin/Botox to Achieve Facial & Hand Rejuvenation

Achieving Youthful Contours: With PDO Threads, Endolift Laser, Fillers & Xeomin/Botox to Achieve Facial & Hand  Rejuvenation

Posted on August 1st, 2023

I'm Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal, a dedicated and passionate Plastic Surgeon specialized in Cosmetic Non-surgical Facial & Body Rejuvenation. Today, I'm thrilled to share with you an exciting innovation in the world of facial rejuvenation: PDO Threads. These remarkable threads offer a revolutionary approach to achieving youthful contours and a rejuvenated appearance without the need for surgery.

As a practitioner with a focus on providing my patients in Fairfield, Westport, Greenwich, Southport, Weston, Darien, Woodbury, New Canaan, Norwich, Lyme, Old Lyme, Stamford, Ridgefield, Wilton, Southbury Connecticut, Larchmount, Scarsdale, Rye, Bronxville New York, and surrounding areas with the most advanced and effective treatments, PDO Threads have become an integral part of my practice. These threads offer the perfect balance of non-invasiveness and remarkable results, making them a sought-after option for those seeking to regain their youthful allure.

Embracing Non-Surgical Solutions

When it comes to maintaining a youthful and vibrant appearance, many individuals seek non-invasive treatments. As a Plastic Surgeon, I understand that not everyone wants to undergo surgery, and that's where PDO Threads step in. These threads have become a popular choice among my patients in Fairfield, Westport, Greenwich, and beyond, due to their minimally invasive nature.

PDO Threads are carefully and skillfully inserted under the skin, instantly lifting and tightening sagging areas. The results are astonishing, and my patients love that they can achieve a youthful look without the downtime of surgery. With PDO Threads, you can embrace the concept of aging gracefully, enhancing your natural beauty and radiance without going under the knife.

Understanding the PDO Thread-Lift

The PDO Thread-Lift is one of my signature procedures, designed to lift and contour the face naturally. During the treatment, I use fine, absorbable threads to lift the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This innovative technique allows me to address specific areas of concern, such as the cheeks, jawline, and neck, restoring volume and tightness with precision.

The threads stimulate collagen production, enhancing the skin's elasticity over time. This not only improves the texture and tone of the skin but also provides long-lasting results that can make you feel years younger. The PDO Thread-Lift is perfect for those seeking a subtle yet noticeable improvement in their appearance without the commitment and recovery associated with traditional surgery.

Micro-Xeomin & Micro-Botox for Neck Rejuvenation

For those seeking neck rejuvenation, I introduce you to Micro-Xeomin and Micro-Botox. This treatment involves tiny, precise injections of Xeomin or Botox into the neck skin & muscles to reduce lines, tighten the skin, and restore youthful contours. The neck is a delicate area that can show early signs of aging, but with this advanced technique, we can effectively target those concerns.

The best part? These injections are expertly administered for natural-looking results, ensuring your neck appears youthful and refreshed, just like the rest of your face. Micro-Xeomin and Micro-Botox offer a convenient and effective option for those looking to turn back the clock on their neck's appearance without resorting to more invasive procedures.

Refining Your Nose with PDO Rhinoplasty

If you've been considering enhancing the shape and appearance of your nose, PDO Rhinoplasty might be the a solution for you. Unlike traditional surgical rhinoplasty, this procedure involves placing PDO Threads carefully to reshape the nose and refine its contours. Whether you desire a straighter bridge, a lifted tip, or a more balanced profile, I can personalize the treatment to match your unique goals and achieve the nose of your dreams.

PDO Rhinoplasty offers a less invasive alternative to surgical rhinoplasty, with reduced downtime and a more subtle approach to refining your nasal features. This treatment is suitable for patients seeking natural-looking results, and it allows you to achieve your desired changes without the need for extensive surgery or prolonged recovery.

The Liquid Facelift: Rejuvenation Without Surgery

The Liquid Facelift is a non-surgical alternative to the traditional facelift that I proudly offer at my practice. This cutting-edge procedure combines the power of dermal fillers, such as RHA, Radiesse and Restylane restore lost volume, lift sagging skin, and reduce wrinkles. This harmonious blend of treatments results in a refreshed, youthful appearance that can take years off your face, without the need for any incisions.

By skillfully administering a combination of dermal fillers and Xeomin or Botox I can address a range of concerns, including hollow cheeks, nasolabial folds, and sagging jowls. The Liquid Facelift is an excellent option for patients seeking immediate and noticeable results without the recovery time associated with surgery. Rejuvenate your appearance with the Liquid Facelift, and rediscover the radiance that's been waiting to shine through.

Unveiling the Magic of Endolift Laser

For patients seeking a comprehensive facial rejuvenation, I introduce you to Endolift – a minimally invasive treatment that addresses sagging skin, unwanted facial, neck & jowl fat along with wrinkles. Endolift uses advanced laser technology to tighten and smooth the skin from within, stimulating collagen production for long-term benefits.

This innovative procedure can be customized to target specific areas of concern, ensuring a natural, harmonious transformation. Whether you wish to target fine lines around the eyes, lift sagging cheeks, jowls or improve skin elasticity on the neck, Endolift offers a versatile solution. Experience the magic of Endolift, and embrace a more youthful version of yourself, refreshed and renewed.

Correcting Ear Protrusion with Otoplasty

Ear protrusion, commonly known as "protruding ears," can affect self-confidence, especially in children. My expertise in Otoplasty allows me to reshape and reposition the ears, bringing them closer to the head and creating a more balanced facial profile.

I can enhance the results of Otoplasty, ensuring the ears appear natural, balanced and proportioned, leaving my patients feeling more confident and self-assured. Otoplasty is a surgical solution to address ear protrusion, delivering results that bring harmony and balance to the entire facial appearance.

Contouring with Liposuction and Treating Gynecomastia

For those seeking body contouring, I offer Liposuction to target stubborn fat deposits and create a more sculpted silhouette. Whether it's for the abdomen, thighs, or love handles, Liposuction can help you achieve the body shape you desire.

Additionally, I treat Gynecomastia, a condition characterized by excess breast tissue in men. I can achieve impressive results, restoring a flatter, more masculine chest. With Liposuction and and surgical contouring of breast tissue you can confidently achieve the body contour you've always wanted, without the discomfort and downtime associated with more invasive surgical procedures.

The Browlift: Elevating Your Expressions

Last but not least, the Browlift is a remarkable procedure to elevate the eyebrows and rejuvenate the upper face. I carefully place PDO Threads to lift and reposition the brows, opening up the eyes and reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead.

The result is a refreshed and revitalized appearance that beautifully complements your natural expressions. The PDO Browlift offers a subtle yet impactful transformation, enhancing your facial features and restoring a more youthful, vibrant look.


Thank you for joining me on this journey through the world of Facial & Hand Rejuvenation and their transformative power in achieving youthful and refreshed contours. I am excited to offer these cutting-edge treatments, and I am committed to helping you look and feel your best.

If you are interested in any of the procedures mentioned or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at (203) 335-3223 or via email at R[email protected]. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how I can assist you on your facial rejuvenation path.

Remember, at our office it's all about embracing the best version of yourself – naturally and beautifully. Let's embark on this transformative journey together! Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D.

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